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Mama Komodo
Hp: 160
Innate: Blue
 When you have beaten all of the komodo dragons
Mama Komodo will appear it is a good idea to use most physical
but you should use your elements too.  Don't forgot get to use
tablets to heal your self or cure's you should need them.

Karsh, Solt, and Peppor
Innate: Green, Yellow and Yellow

If you want to know something Solt and Peppor are in the game to help you with you Elements and Field Effects.  It would be a good idea go after Karsh first, use some physical attacks, after a few physical attacks bust them up with elements Kid's Megabomb is good because it affects all three of them.  Use your tablets and your cure's to heal your self and you should be just fine.

Solt and Peppor
Hp: Peppor (60hp) Solt (52hp)
Innate: Both Yellow

There Baaack!!  Listen what they have to say, they have yellow and red attacks use Serge's white elements it will work great and Kid's red attacks will works all right use a few physical if they are not dead yet and remember use your tablets and cure's


Acacia Ptvs
Hp: Each (70hp)
Innate: Yellow

When you get to the top of the bluffs you will have to fight two Acacia Ptvs, they only have physical attacks,  use your physical and elements right away and you should breeze right through these guys.  It would be a good idea to heal your self before you get to KingMoaman.

Hp: 245
Innate: Black

KingMoaman and his two sidekicks have really good elements and they do a lot of damage to your party.  You should go after KingMoaman first he is the strongest.  There attacks FlameSword, IceSword, GravityBlow.  It would be a good idea to use your tablets and cure's because you will need them.  Use your best of everything, white elements will work great.  Also Kid's megabomb will good against all but the red sidekick.


Acacia Guards
Hp: 210
Innate: Yellow

Give them all you got, they only have physical attacks, Hit them with all elements expect yellow and bust them with physical attacks use tablets or cure's if you need them and you'll be just fine.

Solt, Peppor, Ketchop
Hp: Solt(80hp) Peppor (90hp) Ketchop (260hp)
Innate:  All Yellow

There back again.  There attacks are Red and Yellow Elements.  Use all your elements expect yellow because it wont do much damage.  You should go after Ketchop first sense is the strongest.  Get a few physical attacks in and near the end Ketchop will use Solt and Peppor like baseball bats to give your party quite a bit of damage.  But you benefit from this he kills both of them.  Dont forget to  use your healing elements.


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