I have found a few secrets/tips so far in the game. This page is quite big so it might take a while to load!!

Secret 1.  In Arni village in the beginning of the game go to the shack where the fake record of fate is go left from there, on the wall there is a picture go up to it and press X and it should say you got something (sorry I cant remember what you get when you do this).

Secret 2.  When you are in a parallel universe do the same as secret 1. again.

Secret 3.  In Viper Manor go to Karsh's room and try to open the treasure box,  keeping trying to open it untill the 20th time and then he will give you what's inside.

Secret 4.  In the home world there is a barrel in the bar press x four times and it will give you an uplift do the same in another world expect it is a pot, talk to it four times and it will give you an IceLance!!

Secret 5. Later in the game take Zoah to his room and he will open the treasure chest which was looked.  But Zoah must be in the front of the party for the treasure chest to open it,  you can push select to move characters.  Zoah will open it and it is his Level 7 tech skill.

Secret 6. In the Home World in the beginning of the game, go to the bar in Arni Village. Go to the far right of the bar and threw the back room. Under the bed in the room is a "Heckran Bone".  Give the "Heckran Bone" to Poshul and she'll be  in your party.  - Kris(Sheep)

Secret 7. In the Home World, on Cape Howl, after Kid helps you defeat Karsh, Solt and Peppor for the first time, refuse her three times to let her join. After she leaves you, you get Leena to join your party. -Kris(Sheep)

Secret 8. If u press pause while the spinner is spinning at the zelbess casino you can press x and it will land on the right spot every time.

Secret 9. In Arni village in the beginning of the game talk to the man who caught the big fish and say that it can be from the dragon island and hear his dream then he will give you a dragon scale give it to the kid outside kiki's house and he will give you an uplift.  -XZooMzx

Secret 10. Talk to Kiki's father and he will give you a shark's tooth and say if you see another me give him this necklace. When you go to the another world give it to him, he will be worshipping Mojo give it to him and when you leave the house Mojo will join you but you must have Leena or Kid in your party for this to work.
- XZooMzx

Secret 11. After the switch is tightened fall off of the ledge that used to be blocked off, climb up the ladder to the secret well in the court yard of Viper Manor. Jump back into the water hole and passage will be accessible.

Secret 12. Turn the 2nd up and turn down the switch to untightened it or so the position of the sliding up and down door is down, go through the cells and use the prison key on the second cell where the treasure chest used to be and go down the secret hole behind the bed. Down inside, the passage will have been set down so you can pass through the switch, tighten it and you will be back at the beginning phase that has access to the tunnel that leads to the second revive.

Secret 13. When you kill Dario at the island go to the grave in another world and you can pull the einlanzer from the grave and you can also get one from Dario and Glenn you can equip them both. - XZooMzx

Secret 14. This is more of a fact then a secret, believe it or not but Kid and Schala are from Chrono Trigger.

Secret 15. When you first become Lynx in the Dimensional Vortex go to the top and push the rock off, now go down and up that path and you get one of the rarest elements Revive!!  - XZooMzx

Secret 16. In arni go to where you buy elements then go to shelf press X and get new frame

Secret 17. In the home world where you team up with Poshul go to the hut but dont
go inside there's a bucket by the hut go to it and press X to get do same in
another world and get a turn red.

Secret 18. In the Other World, before going to the blacksmith in Termina, go to the far left side where the concert boat is. Talk to the rockstar Nikki's manager. He will say to save Nikki from the forest beside Viper Manor. If you want Nikki in your party, proceed to the forest, defeat the monsters who are attacking him, follow Nikki under the waterfall and you got him!! -Kris(Sheep)

Secret 19. In viper manner, go to the armory and push the snake statue into the
notch in the flood. Go to the back of the wall in the same room and on the
left of the armor guys with the shields their is a piller, click this and
push the switch inside. Now go in the passage you opened with the snake
statue with, and open the two chests inside, one of them will be the sword
"vipers venom"(only usable with lord viper) and the other will be a Rainbow

Secret 20. The other Rambow Shell is in Arni village in the cart the old lady who
sells you elements. You have to go their after you become lynx for the first
time, and when every one is hiding from the serge imposter.

Secret 21. When you get turned into a cat, go to the kitchen and talk to the
cat, He will give you a frame.

Secret 22. The Bend Of Time
Go to the ring of islands between the main contenent and marbule and press x
the screen will go wavy and you will end up in the bend of time for
explanation of where you are ask the worm in the center.

Secret 23. If you want different guides to viper mannor use the tips below:

Guile- Talk to the man washing General Viper's statue and then talk to Guile in
the bar he will join you.

Pierre- Talk to the man washing General Viper's statue and then talk to pierre
in the back of Zappa's smithy then talk to the boy running in circles behind
the smithy then give the heroe's medal to Pierre then he will join you.

Nikki- Talk to the man washing Genral Viper's statue then go to Nikki's boat
then go to shadow forests and find Nikki and he will join you.

Secret 24. If you set Pip free in luccia's lab and then later talk to her, she will join
you. -Brad

Secret 25. How do get Turnip: First go to the Hermit's Hideaway in another world that is burned. Then, use "ice breath"(that you got from the water dragon) use it on the spot where there is a patch with no grass,  Then, the burnt plants will be cool, go to the home world with Poshul in your party, and go to Hermit's Hideaway. check out the place and turnip will join your party!!

Secret 26. Keeping Harle
Beat the game anytime before Harle leaves your party in new game+, save it,
then go to Sprigg's house (entrance located in the Hydra marshes in Home
World) with the Chrono Cross. When you use it, you'll have Harle, plus all
the characters you've ever recruited from all of the games you've previously

Secret 27. The Plates
When you do the Dragon God quest, bring Fargo in your party and you'll be
able to steal element plates. These platesare usefull because they will
allow you to absorb specific elements. There are specific points to steal
from the dragons. If you fail, then you can run away and retry. Yellow
plate, steal from Earth Dragon at the beginning of the battle. Hit the
Dragon three times with weak attacks, then steal. Red plate, hit the red
dragon a couple times with Fargo after his transformation, then steal. Green
plate, early in the battle, after the first round. Blue plate, beat up the
blue dragon a lot, but not to the point where he starts to sag, then steal.
Black plate, early in battle, the same way as the green dragon. The white
plate is pretty much early in the battle too.

Secret 28. The Sunglasses
On Earth Dragon Isle in Another World, there is a special boss. This is
the Croisphinx. To meet him, first defeat the Earth Dragon, then go to the
same spot where the Earth Dragon was in Another World. You'll reach the
Sphinx, and you'll go into battle.
Playing his game: The Croisphinx will give you the oppurtunity to either
play his game, or fight him. To play his game, defend for the first round
and he'll ask you a riddle. The answer is going to be a color of an element.
Here's an extra hint, courtesy of me. The order of the answers is the order
of the elements for bringing the Chrono Cross, minus the Chrono Cross. The
order is yellow, red, green, blue, black, then white. Note: if you play his
game, then you won't get anything, except the hint of the order, and your
survival. Defeating him: To get the sunglasses, you'll have to attack the Sphinx
during the first round. This will prompt him to do two earthquakes, and two
thunders, right in a row. The best strategy is to wait for new game+, and
equip some yellow plates. This will pretty much nullify any attacks he may
make. If you have summons, use them. DON'T USE YELLOW ELEMENTS ON HIM!!!
He has around 13,000 hp. Of course in new game+ he will probably have more.
The yellow elements he cast will heal you if you have a yellow plate
equipped, but he can still do some devastating physical attacks, so make sure
you have other means of healing. A good party would be Serge, Glenn, and
some non-yellow innate. Serge and Glenn can do X-strike, and Glenn can also
use Green summons and techs. When you beat the Sphinx, you'll get the
sunglasses, which make the wearer a powerhouse in any form of attack. Very

Secret 29. Pip's Evolution
Pip can evolve. To get Pip to evolve have him cast, or have cast on him, one
type of color element. He has two evolutionary states that he can go
through. As he casts or receives one type of element, the game will keep a
secret tally. Pip will evolve into a litle devil or a little angel depending
on what elements get cast. The final form Pip takes, as well as his new
innate color, and his level seven tech skill, depend on the color he casts
and his final evolutionary form. To get Pip to evolve into a little angel,
colors should either be white, blue, or yellow. To change him into a little
devil, colors should be black, red, or green. After he evolves once, you can
work on his second form, as well as his level 7 tech skill. To get him into
a full angel, and learn the Heaven Calls tech, keep his innate positive
(white, blue, yellow) throughout his evolution process. To change him to a
full devil, and get him to learn the Hell's fury tech, keep his innate
negative (black, red, green). To change him into a devil-angel crossover,
and give him his CannonCannon tech, change his innate to either one, then
chage his innate to the opposite side. I.E. change his innate to red, then
white, or any other combination. He will learn his level 7 tech skill at
forty stars. However, if you don't use him much, then his level 7 tech skill
will be Pounce+4, a stronger form of his level 3 tech. He usually evolves
when his color tally reaches 40, each evolution phase.

Secret 30. Forging the Rainbow Items

The first thing you want to make sure is that you do the New Marbule
sidequest right after you get Fargo in your party. Once he joins, as soon as
you get a chance, go to Home World with Fargo in your party, and go to the
other Fargo on the S.S. Zelbess.
If you did this, then you'll be set. After reganing Serge's body back,
or at least after defeating all six dragons, return to Marbule in Home World,
go to the back cave where the black dragon sleeps in Another World, talk to
the people there, and one of them will sell you a master hammer for the low
low price of 10,000 g. Buy it if you can afford it, then take Zappa back to
Termina in Another World. After having the two Zappas meet they'll forge a
rainbow ax (that you don't keep for some reason), and then you can forge
rainbow weapons. You have to have at least one rainbow shell, for this to
work though. If you don't have Zappa in your party yet, go to Termina in Home World
with Radius in your party. Talk to Zappa, and he'll join you.
The rainbow weapons and armor are expensive, and the raw materials are
hard to get, but they are worth it. I suggest that you get the armor first,
because it makes you almost invincible! To get the rainbow shells, they're
all over the place. To get the shiny material is a different story. There
are a few accessories that you can disassemble, but the other way to get them
is to kill enemies with summoning elements. You'll get a summoning element
after defeating each dragon. To get them to work, you will have to change
the fields to there colors completely. In Terra Tower, you'll find the
Yellowfield, Redfield, Greenfield, and Bluefield elements that will change
the field to their respective colors. There, for some reason, is no
Blackfield, or Whitefield elements. Anyway, after getting all the elements,
go up against some enemies that don't cast a lot of elements, then change the
fields, and cast you're summon. Instead of the usual items that you'd
normally get from them, you'll get shiny material. Each element gives you
different material. Ember with red, Dew with blue, Leaf with green, Sand
with yellow, Salt with white, and Soot with black. After gaining one of
these, and you have a rainbow shell, finding any other raw material should be
easy. Getting the money is a different story, the prices vary around 24,000
g. NOTE: you will find spectral gloves in Terra Tower.

Secret 31. The order of Elements for the best ending
To get the best ending, you have to have the Chrono Cross. To get this,
first defeat FATE at Chronopolis. After that, go to the Divine Dragon Falls,
NorthEast of Arni, in Another World. Then go to the far left of the entrance
and place the Tear of Hate, and the Tear of Love on the alter, it doesn't
matter which goes where. You'll have the Chrono Cross. Next, equip it on
Serge as a level 8 element. Then, equip lots of low level elements on your
party members in the first and second level areas. Make sure you have at
least two of each element on each character other than Serge in the level one
and two slots. Now when facing the final form of the Time Devourer (on Opassa Beach),
beat him up until he casts a yellow element. When he starts casting yellow
elements, first make sure that Serge is very close to his level eight
elements, and that everone else is at their level one elements. The
important thing is to not have Serge use any elements. The order of the
elements cast are yellow, red, green, blue, black, and white, then the Chrono
Cross. The Time Devourer will actually help you out in this department. But
you have to cast the white spell. Make sure your elements are weak when you
cast, you don't want to accidently kill him. Also, try to get him to skip
the black spell. When the elements are all up, get Serge to his level eight
element level, if he's not there already, and cast the Chrono Cross. What
follows is a beautiful display of music, and an awesome ending. Save the
game afterwards in order to use the new game+ feature.

Secret 32. Slash, Flea, Ozzie, Sprigg, Janice, and the Dreamer's Sarong

In Chronopolis, there is the forget-me-not-pot, if you've found this,
then this next section will be easy to do.
In new game+, go to the Bend of Time, and you can go through the back
door. Make sure Sprigg is in your party, and she is eqipped with the
forget-me-not-pot. (Sprigg does not have to be in your party, but it will be
worth it if she is). You will first be asked to walk around the room three
times by a giant creature. Each time you do a complete loop, you will here a
tone. When you hear three, then talk to the creaure again, you will then be
challenged by Slash, Flea, and Ozzie. They are easy to beat, but not that
easy. Ozzie can do an attack called max shield, which will make every
attack, no matter what it is, miss. Flea can confuse the entire party. Your
first target to take out is Ozzie. Beat Ozzie up a bit. He has around 2000
hp. Make sure Sprigg gets the last hit, and make sure it is physical too.
Then you should go after Flea, who has around 1200 hp. Last, go after Slash,
who has around 1400 hp. If Ozzie does his max shield, then the best thing to
do is keep the party healed, and have someone, perferably Sprigg, attack him,
or the rest of the party, until you get a hit in. The shield's effect will
be over, but he can do it again. If Flea does The Stare, this will confuse
the party. If this happens, then you'll have to wait until someone attacks
one of your party members, then you can either attack them, or heal the other
party members. Of course the best thing to do is to use red brooches, if you
have them. After defeating them, if Sprigg took the last hit on them all,
then you'll be able to dopplegang into them, and you can select them at the
tournament at the S.S. Zelbess. It would be a good idea that you not send
them all in one party though.
After defeating them, the creature will play a little game with you. If
you can run around the room the number of times it's thinking, then it will
give you a prize. You'll get three guesses, each one, it'll hint you how
close you are. Keep running, around and around: more than five away. You're
getting closer: less than six away. Oh, you're almost there: one or two
away. If you get this right, you'll get the Dreamer's Sarong, which will
start you in battle with your element power at 8!!! It's totally worth it.

Secret 33. New Game+ and Multiple Endings

After beating the game once, you can save it. When you re-load this new
data, you can continue your quest with all the experience, most of the items,
your money, and elements that you've accumulated throughout the game. In
this new game, bosses will have a few extra hit points, but are still pretty
much push-overs. You will also wake up with the time egg in your hands, so
you can beat the game pretty much anytime. There are a few things missing.
The Chrono Cross is gone, the Mastermune is gone, you'll have to wait until
certain events happen to reforge you're weapons into stronger forms, all your
characters are gone, however, when you get the Chrono Cross, go to Sprigg's
house and use it as an item, and you will get any characters you had back.
Also, your summon elements are gone, the Dragoon's Honors are gone, and your
tech skills are gone. Also, some of the wepons and armor you forged may be
missing too. There are a couple added things to your items though, you will
have the relief charm, which will allow other characters to fight for Serge,
however he will still lead the party, he just won't fight. The other is the
Time Shifter, which allows you to speed up, or slow down time, using the L2
or R2 buttons. Pretty cool.
There are a few points when the ending changes drastically. The first
ending, The Development Room, you get if you go straight to Opassa Beach
without recruiting Poshul, or speaking with Leena. This is a tough fight,
and may require you to go through the game at least twice, and it helps to
have some Rainbow weapons, but more importantly, Rainbow armor. To defeat
the Time Devourer easily, start wailing on him at the beginning. Use all
your techs until he starts to cast a yellow element. When he does this,
there is a very specific pattern in order for you to beat him. He will cast
elements in a specific pattern of yellow, red, green, blue, black, then
white. There are a couple points that could get you killed. The blue
element could freeze you, unless you have a blue brooch, and the black one,
usually Black Hole, could instantly kill you. To avoid these, cast a blue
spell to skip over the blue. Or let him cast blue, and cast a black spell.
I would suggest that you let him cast the black spell though, s it won't
instantly kill you, and you will need to cast the white spell. Once the
order of the spells are cast, and you bring about the white spell, then the
Time Devourer will stop attacking, and wait for you to finish him, or cast
the Chrono Cross. You don't have it at the beginning of the game though.
Other spots for endings are before infiltrating Viper Manor, before you
become Lynx, Before rescuing Riddel from Viper Manor, Before Harle Leaves
your party, Before you defeat FATE at Chronopolis (it changes if you have the
Mastermune), and Before you defeat Terra Tower. This last one, you will
probably have the Chrono Cross, but don't use it to beat the game.

Secret 34. New Game+

Here is four cool things in one: If you are familiar with Chrono
Trigger, then you should know about Ozzie, Flea and Slash. Well, they
are here in Chrono Cross! After you beat the last boss: Time Devourer,
and go through the credits, and it will ask you if you want to save the
game, DO IT! Then, with the second CD in, load the beaten game file. It
will come back to the main menu and say Continue Game+ and New game+,
either way, you get the items and *'s you got from the beaten game on
the new or continued game! And this way you can get up to 99 *'s or
levels! Now, go to the Bend in time and go through the back door. There
will be a big blob thing that says to lap the place three time, do it
and out come Ozzie, Flea and Slash! And when you beat the game and
continue or start a new game+, you will have two cool new items: Time
Shifter, which fast-forwards or Slows down game play by pushing L2 or
R2, and a cool Relief Charm that lets you when you use it anywhere,
choose a character to fill in for Serge when in Battle!

If you have any other secrets that I don't have please e-mail me below.

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