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Age: 14 (M)

Origin: Termina

Height: 4'11"

Wieght: 88 lbs.

Innate: Green

Build: Smalish

Weapon: Bomerang



Mid%-Normal-Left Swathe
Low%-Fierce-Right Swathe

Tech Skills:

Lv.3: JumpThrow-Single Foe
(Tech Skill that is learned from a correspondence coarse)

Lv.5: Wetpaint-All Foes and Allies
(Throw artist's paintpots all over)

Lv.7: PiggyBank-Single Foe
(Set your piggy bank onto a foe)
Note: Learned Automatically at 35 stars, the power of this teck skill increases by the amount of money you deposit in his piggy bank at his home.

Go to Gogh and Van's house it is past Zappa's Simithy in Termina (Home World), speak to van in his room and watch the scene with the landlord. Say that your are serious abot finding the Frozen Flame and then Van will join your party.

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