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Age: 20 (M)

Origin: Termina

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 141 lbs.

Job: Body Guard

Innate: Green

Build: Average

Weapon: Sword



Mid%-Normal-Down Slash
Low%-Fierce-Upper thrust

Tech Skills:

Lv.3: Dash and Gash-Single Foe
(Build up momentum for a stronger slash attack)

Lv.5: SonicSword-Single Foe
(Tech Skill taught to him by his big brother)

Lv.7: Dive&Drive-Single Foe
(Pierce foe from above and finish with a good kick)

You must choose NOT to save kid when she gets poisoned by the Hydra Humour, then Korcha will get mad at you and he will not ferry you around anymore Mocha (Korcha's mom) will get mad at Korcha and she will ferry you around instead of Korcha.  Tell Macha you want to go back to Termina, then go in the front of Termina where the flower shop is and observe Glenn's conversation with the flower lady.  He will leave and go over by the dock's, follow him, then talk to Mocha right is the middle of talking to Mocha Glenn will come over and ask if you want to share a boat ride.  Say "yes" then he is in your party for the rest of the game!!  Also Mocha will talk about how she will be worried if you are all by your self and she will join you also.  This is the only way you can get Glenn in the whole game.

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