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If you couldn't see already that this is very important news!!

I have two polls going if I should redo my website design well guess what I'm going to do!! redo the whole entire design I mean e-v-e-r-y t-h-i-n-g  I will also be redoing my whole page as it is!! it will be all redone in HTML if you don't know already that is a website programming language. Also if you didn't know already or looked at my HTML source that this page wasn't made in HTML it was made by a program called Trellix I don't really like it and you cant do much with it, I have made most of my new website design already done and it is a heck of a whole lot better then this one, (sorry to the people who like this design), I have no idea when the new page will be done maybe months not really sure I will update you with what is done, also when I get my front page to the final state of the way I like it in I will post it so you can look at it... I will probably get a .com or a .net for the new one how does that sound don't worry it will still be called Chrono Cross Zone. Thank you for your support.