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I will try to get all of the songs on here but for now here are the names, also here is a link where you can buy the soundtrack!!
Disc 1:
Chrono Cross - Time's Scar
The Brink of Death
Arni Village - Home World
Time's Grasslands - Home World
Dancing the Tokage
Reminiscence (Feelings not Erased)
Dream of the Shore of Another World
Arni Village - Another World
He sang about Feeling
Lost Fragments
Drowning Valley
Termina Village - Another World
Leaving the Body
Forest of Shadow's End
Snake Bone Room
Victory (Spring's Gift)
Lost Child of Time
Guldove Village - Another World
Hydra Swamp
Dream's Creation
Voyage - Another World
Ghost Ship
Deadly Fire Mountain
Ancient Tower of Dragons
Disc 2:
Beginning of the Dream
Dimension Breach
Termina - Home World
Dragon Knight
Voyage - Home World
Guldove - Home World
Marbule - Home World
The Big Splendid Astonishing Magic Group
Chrono Main Theme
Island of the Dead
Dead Sea - Tower of Ruin
People Imprisoned by Destiny
Lost Before, Light
Earth Dragon's Island
Navel of the World (Gaea's Navel)
Victory (Call of Summer)
Marbule - Another World
Fairies Yield Magic
Etude 1
Etude 2
Magical Dreamers (The Wind, the Stars, and the Sea)
Disc 3:
Garden of God
FATE (God's Destiny)
Jellyfish Sea
Orphanage of Fire
Star-Stealing Girl
Dream watch of Time
Dragon's Wish
Tower of Stars
Frozen Flame
Dragon God
In the Time of Darkness
Life (Faraway Promise)
Reminiscence (Feelings not Erased)
Radical Dreamers (Unstolen Jewel)
Dream Fragments